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Interpreting Tarot Card Movements: Symbolism and Meaning of Poses

The Tarot cards not only reflect the depths of the soul but also constitute a complex system of symbols and signs, each endowed with unique significance. It is especially important to pay attention to the poses and movements of the characters on the cards, as they can reveal much about the future developments of events and the hidden feelings of those seeking advice.

Symbolism of Movements of the Figure on the Tarot Card

On Tarot cards, poses and movements of figures symbolize active changes in life, emotional experiences, and potential transformations. For example, a character facing forward symbolizes a striving for new goals and opportunities, whereas a gaze directed backward may indicate the presence of unresolved issues or tasks from the past.

Significance of Movements of the Figure on the Tarot Card

The movements and positions of characters on Tarot cards carry crucial information about the direction of unfolding situations, and neglecting these signs can lead to erroneous interpretations. These elements are critically important for a deep understanding of the question and the moods of the querent.

Details of Movements of the Figure on the Card and Their Influence on Card Interpretation

Individual elements such as posture, gestures, or the direction of the figure's gaze can significantly influence the meaning of the card. Raised hands often signify readiness for the new, openness to the world, whereas crossed arms may symbolize a defensive stance or closedness.

How Card Interpretation Changes Depending on the Position of the Figure on It

The orientation of the character on the card is crucial for interpretation. A figure looking beyond the card may indicate external influences or the influence of others on the situation, while a gaze directed inward usually points to personal experiences or internal conflicts.

Examples of Symbolic Meanings of Movements of the Figure on the Card

  • Chariot: a figure facing forward with a determined posture symbolizes a quest for victory, control, and overcoming obstacles.
  • The Lovers: characters facing each other symbolize harmony, mutual understanding, and the choice between important alternatives.


Thorough analysis of poses and movements on Tarot cards opens up new possibilities for interpretation and understanding of the profound meanings of the cards. This aspect is an integral part of divination and contributes to more accurate and meaningful predictions.

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