Master the Thoughts/Feelings/Actions Tarot Spread: In-Depth Psychological Analysis

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Master the Thoughts/Feelings/Actions Tarot Spread: In-Depth Psychological Analysis

The layout known as Thoughts/Feelings/Actions in the context of Tarot represents a sophisticated toolkit designed for detailed analysis of internal processes and external manifestations in individuals. This methodology facilitates delving into the depths of human psyche, allowing exploration of how thoughts and emotions influence behavior, and provides keys to profound self-awareness and effective personal development.

The Creation History of the Spread

This layout was developed in response to the need for a more complex and interdisciplinary approach to understanding human behavior in psychology and psychoanalysis. It aims to assist Tarot users in unraveling complex internal conflicts and finding optimal solutions for various life challenges. By combining profound psychological insights with Tarot symbolism, the Thoughts, Feelings, Actions spread offers a unique way to investigate the connections between mental processes, emotional state, and human actions.

The Layout Arrangement

In this spread, three cards are used, symbolically representing three key aspects of human nature: thoughts, feelings and actions. The cards can be arranged either in a linear sequence or in the form of a triangle or other shape, emphasizing the intricate and multifaceted interrelationships between different aspects of personality.

The spread positions

1 – Thoughts

2 – Feelings

3 – Actions

Description of the Positions

  • 1 – Thoughts - This position reveals the fundamental thought processes, beliefs, and ideas actively shaping an individual's current psychological state.
  • 2 – Feelings - Describes the depth of emotional experiences, often hidden or not fully conscious, which can significantly influence mood and overall state.
  • 3 – Actions - Indicates the actions taken or planned by the individual, demonstrating how thoughts and feelings can translate into concrete behaviors.


The Thoughts, Feelings, Actions spread in Tarot is not merely a divination method but also a tool for deep psychological analysis, providing significant opportunities for self-analysis and self-improvement. By utilizing this spread, individuals can not only gain a better understanding of their internal processes but also learn to manage their behavior and decisions in a more conscious and productive manner, which is crucial for successful interaction with the external world and achieving personal goals.

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