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Decoding Major Archetypes in Tarot for Deeper Symbolic Insights

The Tarot deck encompasses more than just a collection of beautifully crafted cards; each card carries a distinct, profound symbolic meaning, at the core of which lies the major archetype. These images are pivotal in unlocking hidden knowledge encrypted within each card, providing us with a pathway to understanding secret messages.

Symbolism of the Major Archetype on Tarot Cards

The major archetype of each Tarot card can symbolize a broad range of concepts and ideas, reflecting fundamental aspects of human experience. These images may be depicted as human figures, mythological beings, animals, or even abstract symbols, each endowed with unique symbolism and significance.

The Importance of the Major Archetype on Tarot Cards

The major archetype plays a decisive role in card interpretation, setting the context for analyzing all other elements and symbols on the card. It guides the interpreter towards understanding potential scenarios of events, providing a key to deeply comprehending possible outcomes.

Details of the Figure on the Card and Their Influence on the Card's Meaning

Subtle details of the image, such as gestures, direction of gaze, objects in hand, or clothing color, can radically alter the interpretation of the card. These nuances add additional layers of meaning, enriching the interpretation and making it more intricate and multifaceted.

How Interpretation of the Card Changes Depending on the Figure's Position

The orientation of the figure on the card, whether facing towards or away from the observer, as well as the direction of gaze—upwards, downwards, sideways—plays a crucial role in interpretation. For example, a figure facing backward may symbolize a reference to the past or nostalgia, whereas a figure looking forward symbolizes an orientation towards the future and anticipation of new possibilities.

Examples of Symbolic Meanings of the Major Archetype on the Card

  • The Chariot: The major archetype—a warrior on a chariot. Symbolizes victory, control over circumstances, and forward movement despite obstacles.
  • The Moon: The depiction of the moon is often associated with illusion, deception, but also intuition. Various positions of the moon on the card can indicate different levels of awareness and subconscious processes.


Understanding the symbolism of the major archetype on Tarot cards opens up a multi-layered world of possible interpretations and meanings, making each spread unique and personally significant. This profound knowledge allows not only for predicting the future but also for better understanding the inner world and psychology of the querent.

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