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Mastering the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread: A Guide to Proper Tarot Readings

The method of divination known as the Celtic Cross is considered one of the most sought-after approaches for interpreting Tarot cards. This particular technique is employed to meticulously analyze various life situations, enabling one to obtain responses to inquiries and grasp the hidden facets of circumstances.

The Genesis of the Layout

The emergence of the Celtic Cross dates back to the early twentieth century, during which it swiftly gained popularity among practicing tarot readers. This layout was specially devised for profound, multi-layered analysis of diverse queries, thereby facilitating a comprehensive examination of any issue or scenario.

The Arrangement of the Spread

The Celtic Cross encompasses ten cards, arranged in a cross-like formation. The positioning of the cards commences from the center and radiates outward to the edges, symbolizing the diverse aspects of an individual's life.

The Positions of the Spread

Each card in this layout occupies a distinct position and bears specific significance, including:

  • 1 – Current situation
  • 2 – Obstacles and challenges
  • 3 – Fundamental circumstances
  • 4 – Past events
  • 5 – Desires
  • 6 – Future events
  • 7 – Self-perception
  • 8 – Environmental influences
  • 9 – Expectations and apprehensions
  • 10 – Ultimate outcome

Description of the Positions

Each card in the Celtic Cross plays a pivotal role in interpreting the posed question:

  • 1 – The current situation depicts the transpiring events at present.
  • 2 – Obstacles and challenges underscore impediments along the path.
  • 3 – Fundamental circumstances unveil the foundational basis of the situation.
  • 4 – Past events reflect previous actions influencing the present.
  • 5 – Desires indicate the aspirations of the querent.
  • 6 – Future events point towards the unfolding of events in the foreseeable future.
  • 7 – Self-perception unveils the self-assessment and self-perception of the querent.
  • 8 – Environmental influences demonstrate how others impact the progression of events.
  • 9 – Expectations and apprehensions reveal internal sentiments and expectations.
  • 10 – The ultimate outcome furnishes a resolution or response to the question.


The Celtic Cross serves as an effective tool for comprehensively understanding any aspects of a given situation or question through the practice of Tarot card divination. This layout not only aids in finding answers to important inquiries but also ensures a deep comprehension of internal processes and potential outcomes.

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