Unlock Personal Development with the Self-Help Tarot Spread: A Guide to Self-Awareness

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Unlock Personal Development with the Self-Help Tarot Spread: A Guide to Self-Awareness

The spread Self-Help within the context of Tarot is an exclusive and highly efficient tool devised for profound self-awareness and active personal development. This approach is particularly valuable for individuals seeking avenues to comprehend their internal processes and striving to optimize their life strategies and decisions.

The Genesis of the Spread

The Self-Help spread was conceived as a means for deep self-reflection and introspection. It amalgamates contemporary psychological principles with spiritual practices and traditional Tarot techniques to offer a comprehensive approach to self-exploration and self-improvement. The development of this spread emerged as a response to the need for a more conscious and purposeful self-development.

Layout Structure

This particular spread encompasses five cards, which can be arranged either in a cross formation or sequentially in a line. Such an arrangement symbolically mirrors the journey of personal development and transformation, delineating the transition from the current state to the projection of desired changes.

Positions within the Spread

  • 1 – Current Situation
  • 2 – Obstacles
  • 3 – Necessary Resources
  • 4 – Available Opportunities
  • 5 – Expected Outcome

Description of Positions

  • 1 – The Current Situation – elucidates the primary traits or issues you are facing at present, serving as a starting point for contemplation and analysis.
  • 2 – Obstacles – unveil the major difficulties or hurdles on your path that may impede or obstruct your progress.
  • 3 – Necessary Resources – denote  the tools, knowledge, or qualities required to overcome the encountered obstacles.
  • 4 – Available Opportunities – accentuate the existing means or abilities you possess, which can be effectively utilized to achieve your set objectives.
  • 5 – Expected Outcome – describes your vision or expectations regarding what you aspire to achieve as a result of your endeavors and the outcomes you would like to witness.


The Self-Help spread in Tarot offers potent opportunities for profound self-understanding and recognition of one's needs, as well as for delineating paths of personal and spiritual growth. It aids in illuminating key aspects of your life requiring attention and proposes practical steps for their enhancement, rendering the process of self-awareness more purposeful and productive.

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